Phase 1 – City Employees

The first phase includes going to the individual work sites of city employees to conduct blood pressure screenings. Volunteers from St. Dominic Hospital, Merritt Health Hospitals, Quinn Healthcare, Holmes Community College, and Virginia College perform the blood pressure checks. Employees with elevated blood pressures are counseled on the importance of following up with a medical clinic for control of their blood pressures to avoid heart disease and other potentially fatal consequences of uncontrolled blood pressure. The employees with elevated blood pressure readings during the screening that state they don’t have a primary care provider are given a list of clinics that have preauthorized an appointment within three days of a phone call from the city employee. At the conclusion of counseling, the employees are asked to sign a consent form allowing a task force volunteer to contact the employee identified with elevated blood pressure to ensure that this individual saw a medical provider for follow up of their uncontrolled blood pressure. If the individual that had the elevated blood pressure reveals that he/she has not seen a healthcare provider since the screening, he/she is further


Phase 2 – Faith-based Organizations

The second phase includes visiting churches in the City of Jackson. On various Sundays, entire church congregations are addressed by a Task Force member to educate on the importance of health to include being aware of the potentially fatal consequences of having uncontrolled blood pressure. Volunteers from University of Mississippi Medical Center, Holmes College, Virginia College, and Quinn Healthcare perform the blood pressure screenings. Individuals that are identified with elevated blood pressures are given information on clinics to follow up.

Phase 3 – Our Community

The third phase of our mission to increase health awareness and the overall health of our citizens is to conduct community health screenings, geographically located throughout the City.